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5 Ways Bespoke Workplace Design Benefits Your Staff and Business

If you are currently redesigning your office space, read this blog to learn how bespoke workplace design can benefit your staff and business.

October, 2022

Ideas for an Effective Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative workspaces have recently become popular due to their creative benefits. Learn about how you can create a collaborative workspace.

August, 2022

How Does a Bespoke Workplace Boost Business Profitability

Customised workspace solutions are tailored to suit your specific business needs. See how they optimise your space and create an effective work environment.

July, 2022

What Is Workspace Strategy?

“We strive to create high performance workspaces, through strategic planning, innovative design, continuous integration management in healthy, sustainable buildings; where people can thrive.”

August, 2021

Gearing Toward a Health-Based Workplace

In an era of choice, the office is still people’s preferred place to work, but only if it’s designed to support their work.
– Gensler US Workplace Survey 2020

February, 2021

How Workplace Strategy will shape the Office of the Future

“Coronavirus may change work forever.” – Financial Times, May 2020
A great deal has been written about Covid-19 and its effect on business operations and workspaces. What is evident is that the corporate workplace landscape will never be the same again.

June, 2020

Six Safe Workplace Safety Essentials

The eventual return of the workforce back to the workplace will look different for every organisation. How can real estate owners most effectively prepare their assets for the return of building occupants?

January, 2020