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We’re internal developers. That means we plan and implement a 360 workplace strategy for your business that really works.

Yes: that means understanding your budget, business pressures and bottom line.

But, it also means matching head with heart, analysing people, optimising culture. maximising wellbeing.

We consult, we strategise, we design, we build, we relocate, we change, we think, we enquire and we create. We know a space influences the people who work there, creating patterns; then a culture, an identity, a brand, a level of productivity and ultimately…the success of a company.

What is visible affects the invisible
What is invisible pushes on the visible.
You are where you sit.

We’ve learned that best way to solve is through head and heart, gut and guile.
Let’s make your workspace a conscious one.

The internal, an engine for the external. Let’s open a door.

Our Clients who trust us


Lianie Minny

Managing Director

Lianie is our creative mind and visionary behind Internal Developers (ID). For more than a decade, she has polished her skills as a workplace strategist and consultant, gaining invaluable experience and establishing herself as an industry leader.

Lianie is passionate about developing new ways of working.Her innovative ideas around tailor-made workplace solutions substantially improve the lives of her clients and their employees.

She is a member of the SAPOA Innovative Excellence Awards Committee.

Bathobile Mahlobo


Bathobile is our real estate professional and Client Solutions Director and comes with 11 years of multi-geographical experience within the real estate industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. This experience involved working with multi-disciplinary teams in providing strategic advisory services, development management services, and corporate solutions to clients across the African continent.

Bathobile is adept at leading, learning, communicating, and collaborating on various levels; and with diverse groups. Together with ID, she ensures the successful execution of real estate initiatives.

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